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Zooropa lyrics


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        Zooropa, Vorsprung durch Technik.
    Zooropa, be all that you can be.
    Be a winner, eat to get slimmer.

    Zooropa, a bluer kind of white
    Zooropa, it could be yours tonight.
    We're mild and green and squeaky clean.

    Zooropa, better by design
    Zooropa, fly the friendly skies.
    Through the appliance of science
    We've got that ring of confidence.
    And I have no compass
    And I have no map
    And I have no reasons
    No reasons to get back.

    And I have no religion
    And I don't know what's what
    And I don't know the limit
    The limit of what we got.

    Zooropa, don't worry baby, it'll be alright.
    Zooropa, you've got the right shoes
    Zooropa, to get you through the night.
    Zooropa, it's cold outside, but brightly lit
    Zooropa, let's skip the subway,
    Zooropa, let's go to the overground.
    Get your head out of the mud baby
    Put flowers in the mud baby,

    No particular place names
    No particular song
    I've been hiding
    What am I hiding from?

    Zooropa, don't worry, baby, it's gonna be alright
    Zooropa, uncertainty can be a guiding light.
    Zooropa, I hear voices, ridiculous voices
    Zooropa, in the slipstream.
    Zooropa, let's go, let's go overground.
    Zooropa, take your head out of the mud, baby.

    She's gonna dream up the world she wants to live in
    She's gonna dream out loud, she's gonna dream out loud,
    She's gonna dream out loud, dream out loud.

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